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Other pornstars with same breast size: :

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pornstar hottie Nadia Hilton

Nadia Hilton

Aliases: Naudia Hilton
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Date of Birth: 1983-06-03
Birth Location: Oswego, NY
Measurements: 34DD-24-34
Height: 5-6
Weight: 121
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Tit Detail: Large, round, enhanced
Fun Fact: Sucker for a man, or woman, in uniform
Tattoos: Yes
Piercings: Tongue; Navel; Clithood
Best Feature: Lean, sexy body

Description: Born and raised in Oswego, New York, this blonde, big breasted babe has had plenty of experience in exotic dancing. But she apparently wanted something a little more exciting, so she entered the world of porn. We're definitely glad she did because she obviously has a lot to add to the porn biz! Watch out for this girl, she's a rising star who can most likely get your "star" to rise as well!